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Subject Matter X Royal College of Art, London

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Subject Matter is teaming up with the Royal College of Art for an exhibition at the Dyson Gallery this April. Leading up to it, Subject Matter will be hosting workshops and lectures for featuring students on the role of technology in art business today.


Why are we doing this?


We are all about nurturing talent and living artists. Developments with social media streams, and technology in general, has given most with internet connection a voice. This has empowered visibility in people, but also created a lot of noise and clutter to swim through. Finding talent we love is as difficult for galleries as it is for artists to place themselves onto the radars of art buyers and admirers. 


During our collaboration with the RCA, we will be hosting talks, discussions and workshops with various industry professionals that will highlight why artists should tune into to the online art world. With this, we hope to show RCA students how they can take their careers into their own hands.


To close the exhibition, we will be hosting an exhibition at the Dyson Gallery, where proceeds will go to the RCA’s bursary fund. 

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