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Subject Matter visits: Galleria Tre Oci, Venice

CHINA. Beijing. 1989.

Rene Burri. CHINA. Beijing. 1989.

Visiting exhibitions and other galleries when we travel is a source of great inspiration for the Subject Matter team and our most recent trip to the Galleria Tre Oci in Venice was truly exciting. The gallery was showing the work of René Burri and Ferdinando Scianna; both members of the prestigious Magnum photographic agency. 


Utopia by René Burri collects together for the first time over 100 images devoted to architecture by this great Swiss artist, with shots of famous buildings and portraits of architects.


LEBANON. Beirut. 1991. Maarad Street.

Rene Burri. LEBANON. Beirut. 1991. Maarad Street. (Magnum Photos)

USA. California. Los Angeles 1984.

Rene Burri. USA. California. Los Angeles 1984. (Magnum Photos)



The top floor of the Casa dei Tre Oci is devoted to the work of one of the most important Italian photographers, Ferdinando Scianna. To mark the 500 year anniversary of the foundation of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice (on 29 March 1516), this exhibition displays a series of his reportage work, photographing people on the streets of the Jewish Ghetto. 



Ferdinando Scianna, Women dressed up for Shabbat. (Magnum Photos)



Ferdinando Scianna, The full flavor of tradition in the image of a man walking through the Ghetto.(Magnum Photos)



Ferdinando Scianna, The rabbi teaching in the Midrash Luzzatto of the Levantine Synagogue.(Magnum Photos)


Both Burri and Scianna belong – although in two very different fashions – to the category of artists who express a personal vision through the photographic medium. If for Burri such expression translates itself in a passion for documenting big political and social change, for Scianna it is synonymous with the attempt to grasp, from within the chaotic flux of existence, “instants of sense and shape”. Both artists are true icons of modern photography, and we can only hope the exhibition travels globally so that more people can enjoy their remarkable work. 

























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