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SUBJECT MATTER READS: Artsy’s editorial : Why Photography Is Finally Having a Boom in Asia

Daido Moriyama, Color, 1970 circa. Courtesy of Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milano


We tell ourselves that scouring the net for the latest art news is not only fun but also very productive. This certainly rings true when an unexpected article tell us that our industry is picking up in our favourite region!

Phyu Mon, Polite Wave, 2012. (image via Thavibu)


The rising interest in photography among Asian collectors is very well described by Vivienne Chow on Artsy’s editorial blog site , and we couldn’t miss the chance of sharing it’s most salient bits.


Nobuyoshi Araki, PHOTO MANIAC’S DIARY, 1991/2016.  (image via Artsy)


While photography has been a relatively established collecting category in the West for some time, the medium is just now seeing a nascent surge of interest from collectors in Asia. Chinese collectors and others from the region have only recently shed a long-held prejudice about collecting editioned artworks. This has coupled with a growing interest among these art buyers to diversify their holdings.


Left: Daido Moriyama, Eros or Something Not Eros, 1969. Right: Olivia Marty, Bến không chồng , 2012.  (image via Artsy)




To have a more detailed picture of the single Asian art markets and to understand how a ‘taste’ for photography developed across the region,   you can read more on

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