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Designer Focus - Ma from Safomasi

Ma, from the Safomasi design team


One of the most delightful and invigorating aspects of our work is connecting with other creative start-ups that share our business values and are also like-minded female entrepreneurs.
Postcards Home is an online store selling beautiful pieces for your home, sourced from around the world. We spoke with Lucy Coleman, a fellow female founder, and believe us when we say that her enthusiasm and wholeheartedness are contagious!


Designer Focus - Bohemia


How did you get the inspiration for your business?
It was the Autumn of 2014 and I found myself living in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for my partner’s work. I’d just left a job in advertising and was searching for the next exciting opportunity. Kerala is an absolute hotbed of start-ups, so it was the perfect place to join a small business network and craft out plans for a company of my own.

Having studied History of Art at UCL many moons ago, I really wanted to get back into the creative industry. I was mixing with some incredibly talented independent designers in India, and I felt inspired to build a platform that connected their work with the Western market.

I also knew I wanted to work with social enterprises making a meaningful difference to marginalised women in rural communities, and that has been a strong impetus behind Postcards Home and the projects we support.


Lucy Coleman Postcards Home 2

Lucy Coleman , founder and director of Postcardshome


Designer Focus - Safomasi

Gorgeous double-sided cushion from Delhi | Brand: Safomasi | click on the image for more items from this brand


What do you think is the main challenge faced by young women entrepreneurs today?
Unbridled ambition.

Young women entrepreneurs are constantly told to be more confident, but I’ve always found us to be a fairly fierce lot when it comes to pursuing our dreams and thinking commercially. Where I think we lack confidence is in the way we approach the scale of our work and the longevity of what we hope to achieve. Young women entrepreneurs should be achieving big and dreaming even bigger – we should only ever punch above our weight, so that we can smash that glass ceiling with force.


Product Focus - Berber Bread Baskets

Handwoven by Berber tribes in Morocco , these baskets are completely unique and tell their own colorful story | Brand: Bohemia | click on the images for more items by this brand


How would you describe the relationship between you and the designers and illustrators working with Postcards Home?
I massively admire the talented designers and illustrators I work with. I take time to understand what inspires their work, and the processes they use to produce their products – this is a big part of the story that I like to share with our Postcards Home customers, and they are so eager to hear it and understand that creative process.
I think it’s as much my responsibility to grow their brand as it is to grow my own, and I’m always on the look-out for opportunities for them also. The success of the designers and illustrators I work with is absolutely of commercial benefit to Postcards Home – as well as being just what they deserve!
We also work collaboratively to knowledge share, which is so useful. We piggy back onto each other’s PR and social campaigns and will always take time to discuss trends we see emerging and marketing tactics that have worked for us.


Designer Focus - Just Trade2

The subtly textured brass ribbons are cut and wound by Cinthia, Nieves and Cristina from The Zoe Project in Lima, Peru. The Zoe Project offers women in Lima training and fairly-paid employment as part of a collaborative design process | Brand: Just Trade.


Which advice would you give to a young woman wishing to start her own creative business?
Do it, and do it now. Don’t let knowledge gaps put you off, the sooner you get cracking, the sooner you’ll understand the job ahead. You don’t have to know all the answers before you begin – you just have to start and go from there.
Whatever your skillset, you can fill in the gaps by soaking up all the information and guidance you can from reading, researching and reaching out to people in the industry. Take advantage of all the amazing female entrepreneur groups out there – those sisters are seriously inspirational!
Make networking a habit – both online and offline. You don’t have to schmooze, just be yourself and ask all the questions you want to, so that you can have the answers for when someone asks you one day.
And above all, trust that your passion will see you through – I’m lucky enough to totally love the creative industry I work in, and I look forward to putting the hours in to engage with it and build a successful business.


We wish you all the best Lucy, you are definitely one of our inspirational women!

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