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Subject Matter In Conversation with: Genevieve Daniell

Our artist Genevieve Daniell took over our Instagram last week, taking us and our followers through her life in Texas and her creative process. We had the pleasure of interviewing her and finding out more about her love for photography and where it all started.


When did you become interested in photography?

I became interested in photography in 2007/2008. I actually began my foray into photography under the tutelage of another Subject Matter photographer, Alfie Goodrich. He was one of my first photography teachers in Tokyo.


When did you realise you wanted to become a full-time photographer – was there a specific moment for you?

I ended up returning to the U.S. for a brief year for finishing my graduate degree in Accounting, but I soon realized my heart wasn’t in it. I was spending nights up devouring photography books, so it was a natural progression to try to make a business of something I was already so devoted to. I ended up dropping out of grad school that year and returning to school for photography.


Are there any key photographers which inspired you when starting your photographic journey?

I was so inspired by documentary & street photographers when I first started photography; Sebastião Salgado was one of my first inspirations.


Where did you get the idea and inspiration for the Tokyo Dirty Laundry series?

I was very inspired by Andreas Kock’s “Stalker” series. I was also in love with Alex Prager’s Hollywood Glam/ Retro work &  Miles Aldridge’s voyeuristic work at the time I created this series.


What is your advice for any upcoming photographers?

Well this advice isn’t so much directed at the creative side of photography, but it’s advice nonetheless. It takes a certain kinda person to become a photographer, especially a fulltime photographer. It requires nerves of steel and unwavering optimism. Weirdly, I saw a quote recently on instagram that perfectly describes the perfect mindset I think you have to have when you become a photographer, “Some people confuse crazy with passionate. Let me be clear, I am bat shit passionate”. Keep that in mind, because most people are going to think you are bat shit crazy…


Have a look at Genevieve’s take-over on our Instagram and the Tokyo Dirty Laundry series.

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