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Subject Matter Visits: Photo Exhibition Tokyo: Brain Drool

Subject Matter founder Liezel Strauss visited Japan earlier this month and she discovered a few good exhibitions, the first: Brain Drool at Spiral Garden in Aoyama Tokyo, an exhibition of Hakuhodo’s (Creative Agency) Photographers and Art Directors.


‘I found it particularly interesting that the exhibition was a collaboration of photographers, graphic designers, art directors and retouchers. This collaboration was clearly highlighted with credits and role descriptions in the wall text, something that is very rare, especially in the fine art world. This exhibition highlighted the multidisciplinary nature of photographic art, which I really appreciated. This was the perfect example of how art and design can come together to create an very interesting body of work’ –  Liezel Strauss
The exhibition is well worth the visit if you are in the area.
Al information here: Spiral Garden

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