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Aesthetica Magazine interviews Subject Matter Founder: Liezel Strauss

Liezel Strauss interview with aesthetica magazine


Subject Matter In Conversation with Oliver Schwarzwald


Flower, Oliver Schwarzwald Flower, Oliver Schwarzwald


Oliver Schwarzwald is a storyteller, telling tales through his images. These could be inspired by many things – experiences, memories, important and less important observations – and are expressed through a variety of techniques. This month, the Courtauld Institute of Art has selected Oliver’s work Hurdle to appear in their prestigious East Wing Biennial




Subject Matter Artist: Caroline Fraser


Caroline Fraser, Birches & Reeds

Caroline Fraser, Birches & Reeds



Caroline Fraser‘s work is inspired by the beauty and drama inherent in nature. While her images of Romney Marsh portray the landscape around her home in East Sussex, she is also drawn to the remoteness of a Hebridean island or an Icelandic glacier. Caroline has recently been featured in the notable online photography journal On Landscape and recognised by the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards 2015.




Subject Matter In Conversation with the Australian Design Centre

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 13.34.00


Lyn + Tony are currently exhibiting their first solo show at the Australian Design Centre (ADC) in the up-and-coming Sydney neighbourhood of Darlinghurst.  Subject Matter introduces you to Claire McCaughan, the ADC’s Head of Programs, to shed light on the experience of curating ‘Scented Intoxication’, collaborating with Lyn + Tony and ADC’s move to the historically eclectic Darlinghurst. This eastern Sydney suburb has undergone vast urban renewal since the 1980s. The area was once a slum and red-light district, and is now home to vibrant independent creative businesses. With the welcoming of the ADC, there is a drive to develop the area into Sydney’s next cultural hub.


Subject Matter Artists: Lyn + Tony


Lyn + Tony, Strangelands 15Lyn + Tony, Strangelands 7


Lyn Balzer & Tony Perkins are Subject Matter’s most dynamic duo. The two artists have been collaborating for over 12 years on a range of interdisciplinary creative projects, ranging from design to fine art to stimulate all of your senses . Taking inspiration from their homeland, Australia, the duo recreate and hybridise the textures, scents and visuals of their natural environment. In recent weeks, their latest exhibition ‘Scented Intoxication’, commissioned by the Australia Design Centre, opened with phenomenal reception. 




Interview with one of our award winning artists: Michael Meyersfeld


Michael Meyersfeld Studio


Michael Meyersfeld is an award-winning fine art photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His work explores constructed societal patterns which translate into his characteristically eerie yet somber photographs. Meyersfeld’s process requires the complete immersion into his subject, riddling the images with a degree of solitude and stillness. His work is currently on exhibit at the Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa (28 Oct’ – 31 Jan’ 2016).