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Our messy world in a clean bromide by ROBYN SASSEN

THE SEVENTEEN PRISTINE photographic images by Michael Meyersfeld that comprise his (more…)


Subject Matter Visits: Camden Arts Centre

We are always so inspired when an exhibition reveals the true soul of an artist and the Geta Bratescu exhibition at Camden Arts Centre in North London does exactly that.  (more…)


Subject Matter in conversation with: our artist Alice Marinelli (Part 2)

In this second chapter of her story, our artist Alice Marinelli tells us a bit more about her next moves and future projects , but also about the people who influenced her as a photographer and as a passionate art history student…


Subject Matter Visits: Terrains of the Body at the Whitechapel Gallery

Untitled (79), 2000, NMWA, Gift of Heather and Tony Podesta Collection, Washington, D.C.


The Whitechapel Gallery in London’s East End never disappoints and the current show Terrains of the Body is truly superb.


Subject Matter in conversation with: our artist Alice Marinelli (Part 1)

In this interview one of our youngest female artists, Alice Marinelli, tells us how she fell in love with photography and how taking pictures became for her a therapeutic act of self- exploration…


Subject Matter in action: our 2017 ‘Becoming’ exhibition opens to the public


Today is the day! Finally, after months of preparation, this afternoon we will  have the pleasure to say: “Welcome to the Becoming exhibition show people !” (more…)


Subject Matter In Conversation with: Genevieve Daniell

Our artist Genevieve Daniell took over our Instagram last week, taking us and our followers through her life in Texas and her creative process. (more…)


Aesthetica Magazine interviews Subject Matter Founder: Liezel Strauss

Liezel Strauss interview with aesthetica magazine


Subject Matter In Conversation with Oliver Schwarzwald


Flower, Oliver Schwarzwald Flower, Oliver Schwarzwald


Oliver Schwarzwald is a storyteller, telling tales through his images. These could be inspired by many things – experiences, memories, important and less important observations – and are expressed through a variety of techniques. This month, the Courtauld Institute of Art has selected Oliver’s work Hurdle to appear in their prestigious East Wing Biennial




Subject Matter Artist: Caroline Fraser


Caroline Fraser, Birches & Reeds

Caroline Fraser, Birches & Reeds



Caroline Fraser‘s work is inspired by the beauty and drama inherent in nature. While her images of Romney Marsh portray the landscape around her home in East Sussex, she is also drawn to the remoteness of a Hebridean island or an Icelandic glacier. Caroline has recently been featured in the notable online photography journal On Landscape and recognised by the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards 2015.